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Account Requirements

Please request SIMS access from your college research administration office. SIMS users can log in via their Penn State Access account.


If you experience problems or have any questions in regard to SIMS, please contact SIMS Administration.


SIMS Account Request Form

SIMS Negotiation Manager Agreement Types PDF
SIMS Negotiation Manager Actions PDF
SIMS Negotiation Manager Equipment Title and FACO Codes PDF

Tips & Help

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
To connect to SIMS from a network outside of the PSU network you must use the PSU VPN service. More information can be found at the PSU VPN site.

Pop-up Blockers
SIMS makes use of pop-up windows for reporting. Please disable any pop-up blockers when using SIMS.

Browser Version
SIMS has been tested with FireFox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge browsers. It is always recommended you use the latest versions available.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
SIMS uses encrypted sockets layer to ensure secure data transfers. The SIMS "Certificate" should be accepted.

Browser Cache
Browser Cache setting should be set to renew "Every time" (Windows instructions) If weird things are happening, this is often the problem.

Accepting a "cookie" should be enabled.

Java & JavaScirpt
Java & JavaScript should be enabled.

Viewer Plugins
SIMS may need certain plugins in order to complete requested functions. The following plugins are utilized throughout:

If you experience a problem viewing PDF images using Firefox, disable the built-in PDF veiwer:

  • From Firefox: Click on the "Firefox" menu button (top left) and select "Options"
  • Select "Applicatons" tab
  • Find "Portable Document Format (PDF)" in the list and click to select
  • Click on the drop-down arrow in the "Action" column for the above entry and select the PDF viewer you wish to use (Adobe Reader recommended)
  • Click "OK"

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